Eden Park often refer to 87% of locals supporting concerts - this is based on a highly questionable survey from 2018.

The constant reference to this is just a ploy to make you give up and not submit in opposition to concerts ie what's the point.

But there is a very real reason not to fall for this - and its backed up by proper analysis of the actual 2018 submissions
where local ones were 5 to 1 against the concert (and that was for a supposed charity event).

In that analysis the "local" was defined as north of Balmoral Rd, and included Morningside and east of Dominion rd to Mt Eden Rd.

Whereas the shonky survey quoted, achieved its figures by first defining an extremely wide area as the "local" area.
The area spread as far as down through Balmoral, Sandringham and over to Mt Albert, as detailed below in a response to a Herald enquiry.

However almost none of the area would have had any day to day impacts from Eden Park events
 - whether they be night games, day games, non sporting events or the 700-1000 functions per year (including 12 school balls last year).

This makes those responses meaningless when considering views of people actually impacted and will have adverse effects from concerts.

Area confirmed to Herald:

After using a very wide local area, it then used leading questions, and seemed to have a very leading script - as detailed
below by someone  who documented the introduction and background given prior to the questions - including references to state housing before asking about concerts!

They documented their experience in an email at the time:


As can be seen above they even appear to have tied concerts to already having a roofed stadium! 
Obviously no reliance can be placed on the results given the leading nature of the script and questions.

It is worth noting here that the Herald did not receive a copy of the actual survey, questions, script or methodology.
Just a Powerpoint of a handful of questions, prepared by a PR consultant.

Even the summary appears to show questions summarised differently ie from an additional 15 non sporting including concerts, to being stated as 15 concerts. 


Above only mentions concerts - and obviously leads - remembering this includes people way down in Mt Albert.

But now the same numbers are for other events as well as concerts

The above just confirms what we heard at the time from various people phoned - it can't be relied upon at all - other than showing the games at play.
The only factual data available is the 5 to 1 opposed via actual submissions in 2018 - completely reverses the numbers above.

The Unitary Plan, which rejected concerts, and put in place the current tougher rules is also a factual record of submitters who would have been impacted.
The EPNA submission had 145 supporting submissions. Eden Park's submisison wanting cocnerts had 3 in support, and 211 opposing.