EPNA was formed just over 15 years ago, when Eden Park first applied for night games and night concerts. The application attracted approximately 1200 submissions against the proposal, and EPNA was formed out of that process.
After Auckland City Council initially granted the consent, EPNA appealed to the Environment Court.
The result of this was that the Environment Court upheld the council’s decision, but taking heed of the community, imposed 44 operating conditions upon Eden Park which remain today and have improved the management of the Park. EPNA viewed this end result as a “Win / Win” situation. Following that EPNA was appointed as a member of the Community Liaison Group, along with the police and other groups, which meets regularly to monitor the impact of night events on the community.
Since then EPNA has developed a constructive relationship with Eden Park. Key areas of concern have been traffic, residential parking, noise etc. We have spent a lot of time and effort with Eden Park, Auckland City Council and their traffic engineers, to effect better ways to deal with traffic issues. We have consistently said that good traffic management is a win/win situation. If we can improve traffic and transport, patrons will get to and from the ground faster, and residents will be able to travel home more easily. Also the quicker the area clears after a game, less disruption is caused for residents.
We see our role with Eden Park, as being to help them to think of issues from their neighbours’ point of view. A recent example was the corporate hosting on Gribblehirst Park during the Lions tour last year.
We worked with the NZRU hosting company, and Eden Park to identify and help with the possible issues that could impact on nearby residents, such as increased security and a specific traffic plan for the buses. We were involved at a public meeting for nearby residents, and helped with letters to residents. The end result was a very successful event, which saw the traffic plan run extremely smoothly.
EPNA has also been involved with many other local issues over the years, including supporting residents in Onslow Rd, and achieving a redesign of a Boarding house, making submissions regarding Council’s transport corridor down Dominion Road, helping with issues affecting local schools and benefits to and impacts on the local community in relation to the Auckland City Council Growth Strategy

Mark Donnelly
- Mark has lived in the area for over 20 years. Mark and his partner have 2 sons and enjoy the great local community
Contact details:
Phone: 09 630 8834 Email: mark.donnelly@xtra.co.nz

Other Committee Member contacts

Julie Kelleway – Julie has been with the Association for 4 years. Julie is a chartered accountant. She and her partner have 2 children and has lived in the area for over 19 years.
Contact details: Phone: 09 6315346 Email: jbkelleway@ihug.co.nz