About Us

EPNA was formed over 25 years ago, when Eden Park first applied for night games and night concerts. The application attracted approximately 1200 submissions against the proposal, and EPNA was formed out of that process.
After Auckland City Council initially granted the consent, EPNA appealed to the Environment Court.
The result of this was that the Environment Court upheld the council’s decision, but taking heed of the community, imposed 44 operating conditions upon Eden Park which have improved the management of the Park.
For a detailed list of those operating conditions, click here.
EPNA viewed this end result as a “Win / Win” situation. Following that, EPNA was appointed as a member of the Community Liaison Group (CLG), along with the police and other groups, which meets regularly to monitor the impact of night events on the community.
Key areas of concern have been traffic, residential parking, noise etc. We have spent a lot of time and effort with Eden Park, Auckland City Council and their traffic engineers, to effect better ways to deal with traffic issues. We have consistently said that good traffic management is a win/win situation. If we can improve traffic and transport, patrons will get to and from the ground faster, and residents will be able to travel home more easily. Also the quicker the area clears after a game, less disruption is caused for residents.
EPNA has also been involved with many other local issues over the years, such as:

  • Supporting residents in Onslow Rd, and achieving a redesign of a Boarding house
  • Making submissions regarding Council’s transport corridor down Dominion Road
  • Helping with issues affecting local schools
  • Benefits to and impacts on the local community in relation to the Auckland City Council Growth Strategy
  • Auckland Transport – Light Rail Project (project discontinued as at January 2024)
  • Auckland Unitary Plan – Plan Change 78 regarding Auckland intensification

The Association’s members come mainly from the Eden Park neigbourhood. Predominantly residential, the area was first developed in the 1880s and 1890s, when what is now Eden Park was still a swamp.
Today, with many of its original Villa and Bungalow houses renovated, the area is home to a vibrant and diverse community. Many young families moved into the area in the 1980s and 1990s and local kindergartens and schools are now thriving.
Dominion Road, which runs through the heart of the community, attracts many people to its cafes and restaurants. To the west, high density housing now encroaches into the light industrial area of Morningside.
The local community places a high value on the distinctive character and charm of its turn of the century buildings. The Council, too, has taken steps to retain these heritage qualities with a Residential 1 zoning over most of the area. Conservation Area status ensures protection for the Edwardian villas of Burnley Terrace and King Edward Street.