Both the current use, and future development plans of Eden Park, have a major impact on the residential amenities of this area. Some of the current issues being addressed by the Association are:

  • Controlled Parking Zones (Residents only Parking).
  • Traffic and Parking Management Plan
  • The uncontrolled use of the 1,000 seat conference facility in the ASB stand.
  • The liquor licence application for the ASB stand – 365 days 9.00am to 1.00am

The Resource Consent, which Eden Park obtained for night games, contained 45 conditions.
These conditions place a great responsibility on Eden Park and the Auckland City Council, to avoid, remedy or mitigate the adverse effects generated by holding night games at Eden Park.

The Resource Consent Conditions

  1. The proposed north stand shall be constructed in accordance with the plans by Octa Associates Limited labelled Eden Park Auckland New Zealand, drawing numbers 1-1, 1-2, 2-1.1, 2-1.2, 2-1.3, 2-1.4, 2-1.5, 2-1.6, 2-2.1, 2-2.2, 2-2.3, 2-3.1, all dated 29 August 1996, all referenced as AN/96/0373
  2. Except for the changes that are required to give effect to conditions 4, 13, 14, 15 and 16 that follow, the location and design of the lighting structures, head-frames and lux levels of the lights shall be in accordance with the plans by Octa Associates Limited labelled Eden Park Auckland New Zealand, drawing numbers 1-1, 1-2, 2-1.6, 2-2.1, 2-2.3, 2-3.1, 3-1, 3-2 (all dated 29 August 1996) and 3-3 (dated 20 March 1996)
  3. The top of the four lighting support structures and lighting head frames shall be no more than 47 metres above the centre of the No.1 ground (RL 34.22)
  4. Detailed plans of the lighting towers and the head frames shall be submitted to and approved by the Council in terms of this consent, prior to the lodgement of the building consent application. In particular they shall comply with the 50% shading rule of the development controls in the district plan
  5. The redesign of the carpark between the proposed North Stand and Walters Road shall be in accordance with the landscape/parking plan submitted with the application and be constructed to the parking layout standards required by the Auckland City Council Proposed “Isthmus” District Plan
  6. A detailed landscape plan, implementation and maintenance programme for the entire site shall be submitted to and approved by the Council prior to work commencing on the site. Such plan shall include appropriate measures for the screening of the car and bus parking areas and be implemented within 6 months of completion of works on the site
  7. To ensure the performance of condition 6 above, the consent holder shall pay a bond to the Council in the sum of $20,000 at the time of approval of the landscape plan and this shall be held as either cash or security to the satisfaction of the Council’s solicitors. This bond shall be held for a minimum period of 24 months from the date of planting. This bond shall only be released when the landscaping has been established to the satisfaction of the Council
  8. All parking and manoeuvring areas shall be formed, sealed, surfaced and drained to the satisfaction of the Council and shall be completed prior to the commencement of night games which require the use of lights
  9. The number of night-time rugby, cricket or similar type sporting events (requiring the use of lights) shall be limited 16 in any calendar year, with games being scheduled to finish no later than 9.05pm (for rugby) and 10.00pm (for cricket). The number of cricket fixtures scheduled to finish at the time aforesaid shall be limited to six in any cricket season, with no more than two of such fixtures being international events
  10. No night-time rugby games requiring the use of lights shall commence before 7.00pm (Monday to Friday) and shall not be scheduled on the evening of any day when an afternoon event is taking place, provided that minor non-professional games (not involving the senior teams of provincial sides) in the nature of a curtain raiser may be played commencing not earlier than 5.30pm (Monday to Friday)
  11. There shall be no night-time games on Sundays
  12. The number of outside day-time non-sporting events (not otherwise a permitted activity in the Eden Park Concept Plan DO7-18) shall be limited to 3 in any year
  13. The lighting support structures and head-frames shall be painted in a neutral colour which minimises any adverse visual effect, to the satisfaction of the Council following consultation with the group established under condition 33 below and termed the Community Liaison Group
  14. The lighting equipment installed shall not exceed a maximum spill light level of 25 lux when measured on the vertical plane at the window of any property not owned by the consent holder
  15. The consent holder shall calculate the Threshold Increment (TI) as defined by NZ Standard 6701, or AS 1158.1, and shall submit the same to the Council for review for the following locations:
    1. Travelling south over the rise toward Kowhai Intermediate School in Sandringham Road from New North Road at the intersection with Onslow Road
    2. At the junction of Waiters Road and Cricket Avenue when turning into Cricket Avenue from Waiters Road
    3. Travelling west towards Cricket Avenue at the upper section of Bellwood Avenue
    4. At the junction of Rossmay and Sandringham Road, looking east
    5. At the junction of Altham and Sandringham Road, looking east
    6. At the windows facing.the stadium of residences at Numbers 4 and 6 Cricket Avenue
    7. At the windows facing the stadium of residences at Numbers 19, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 49, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64 Walters Road
  16. The Threshold Increment shall be 20% or less as calculated in NZ Standard 6701, or AS 1158.1. Where the TI is greater than 20%, screens, shields, or louvres approved by the Council shall be installed to reduce the TI to 20% or less. The details of the measures proposed to achieve compliance shall be submitted to the Council for approval before construction and shall comply with all relevant rules, bylaws and building requirements
  17. If a complaint regarding glare is received within seven days after the holding of any of the first three rugby and first three cricket night-time events taking place after the installation and operation of the lights and completion of the proposed north stand, from any residents living within a radius of 500 metres from the centre of the playing surface of the Eden Park No. 1 ground, a preliminary investigation shall be carried out by an independent registered lighting engineer appointed by the Council. If after this preliminary investigation the complaint is considered justified the Threshold Increment (TI) calculations, identified in NZ Standard 6701, or AS 1158.1, shall be provided by the consent holder and verified by the Council; and
    1. If the TI exceeds 20%, the matter giving rise to the complaint shall be remedied by the consent holder within 90 days, to the satisfaction of the Council
    2. If the TI is less than 20% the complaint shall be deemed unjustified and no remedial action-need be taken
    3. The floodlights shall be switched to a level no higher than 300 lux 15 minutes after the finish of play and shall be turned off no later than 30 minutes after the finish of play
  18. Traffic
    1. In terms of its undertaking, the consent holder shall comply with the existing traffic Management Plan. prepared and administered by the Council, and any ‘future modifications to this Plan. The consent holder shall participate in any “Working Group” established by the Council and provide every assistance during the preparation and refinement of the Traffic Management Plan
    2. The consent holder shall meet the costs of implementing traffic management schemes which are made necessary by the activities at Eden Park – including the cost of implementation of any residents-only parking scheme which may result from any revision of the Traffic Management Plan or any plan in lieu of it. The consent holder shall request the Council to address the need (after consultation by the Council with the Community Liaison Group) for provision of residents-only parking in the traffic management plan
    3. The consent holder shall ensure that the hirers of the Park for sports fixtures attracting crowds over 5,000 shall include in pre-match publicity, details of parking and transport arrangements
  19. Parking and buses
    1. The consent holder shall provide parking for up to 43 buses on-site, and shall comply with the existing Traffic Management Plan or any plan in lieu of it prepared and administered by the Council, and with any future modifications to the existing plan (or plan in lieu) regarding the parking of buses
    2. The “No Bus Parking” regime within city streets shall be enforced through the procedures established by the Traffic Management Plan which the Trust Board has agreed to contribute to and comply with
    3. The consent holder shall negotiate with bus operators with a view to ensuring that sufficient buses are available to transport patrons using the park and ride scheme referred to in condition 24
  20. The consent holder shall meet the expense of providing traffic islands along Sandringham Road in the vicinity of Eden Park in locations and in a manner approved by the Council for the purpose of assisting patrons and other pedestrians in crossing the road in safety, should the Council consider such improvements necessary following consultation with the Community Liaison Group
  21. The consent holder shall meet the expense of providing improvements at the pedestrian crossing on Sandringham Road by Kowhai Intermediate School in a manner approved by the Council for the purpose of improved traffic flow and the safety of pedestrians (including children), should the Council consider such improvements necessary following consultation with the Community Liaison Coup
  22. The consent holder shall meet the expense of providing appropriate sign facilities in locations and in a manner approved by the Council for the purpose of displaying temporary no-standing and bus-loading only restrictions as required by the Council’s Traffic Management Plan. These signs shall be in place and limited in their effective restriction only for such time as is needed to be in accord with the traffic management plan
  23. All vehicles used by staff, either employed or contracted by the consent holder, shall be parked off-street; and the consent holder shall make off-street carparking available for such vehicles either within the Open Space 5 zone or at other non-residential sites
  24. The consent holder shall at its expense implement a park and ride scheme for the purpose of transporting patrons to and from Eden Park and from car parks located at more distant sites. The scheme shall be approved by the Council which may also authorise the discontinuance of the scheme or require its reinstatement or variation having regard to the success of the scheme as a means of significantly reducing the number of cars parking near Eden Park
  25. The consent holder shall take all reasonably practicable steps to encourage patrons to use public transport (including buses and trains) for the purpose of travelling to and from Eden Park. The consent holder shall inform the Yellow Bus Company and operator of train services of fixtures in sufficient manner so that the Yellow Bus Company and train operator are able to ensure that there is adequate bus and rail transport both for persons living in the vicinity of the Park and patrons at Eden Park
  26. The noise from construction of the development shall comply with the requirements of NZS 6803P:1984 “The Measurement and Assessment of Noise: Construction, Maintenance and Demolition Work”
  27. Noise levels from any activity within Eden Park, except construction activity and crowd noise, shall not exceed the limits specified in the Concept Plan when measured at or within the boundary of any residentially zoned property, on all days including public holidays, as follows:
    1. 9.00am to 10.00pm – 55dBA L10, 85dBa Lmax
    2. At all other times 40dBA L10, 75dBA Lmax
  28. Sound systems shall not be used before 10.00am or after 10.00pm Monday to Saturday; and before 10.00am or after 7.00pm on Sunday
  29. Any fireworks display shall not include any fireworks where detonation will result in the permitted noise levels being exceeded
  30. The output of the sound system shall include three electronic devices:
    1. An automatic level control device/peak limiter to control the output level
    2. A level recording device that produces a hard print-out of the A-weighed output level from the system and is capable of producing statistical levels (L10 and Lmax
    3. A back-up level display meter (LED, Analogue or similar) which gives a continuous visual reading of the A-weighted output level
  31. Noise monitoring shall be undertaken by an independent qualified expert approved by the Council for at least two rugby events and two cricket events each year for the first two years and at least two events (whether rugby and/or cricket) for the succeeding two years that involve in all cases use of lights (the events in each year to be-selected by the independent monitoring expert) and the results shall be submitted to the Council, with further monitoring being carried out as required by the Council to ensure compliance. The monitoring report shall include details of the residential zone monitoring and the system output level monitoring and calibration. The cost of such monitoring shall be borne by the consent holder
  32. The above noise levels shall be measured and assessed in accordance with the requirements of NZS 6801:1991 “Measurement of Sound”, and NZS 6802:1991 “Assessment of Environmental Sound”. The noise shall be measured with a sound level meter complying at least with the International Standard IEC 651 (1979) Sound Level Meters, Type 1
  33. The consent holder shall initiate the establishment of a Community Liaison Group and shall participate in it, and assist with and fund its continuing function. The Group shall comprise representatives of recognised local community organisations active in the Eden Park community, including the Eden Park Neighbours’ Association Incorporated, Auckland City Council and New Zealand Police, as well as representatives of the consent holder. The Group shall be chaired by a representative of the Auckland City Council. The purpose of the Group shall be to provide a forum for consultation on matters affecting-the Local community arising from activities at Eden Park. The Group shall meet at such intervals as may be determined by the Council which shall be responsible for convening the meetings and determining the membership of the Group. Local representation is to be selected with a view to ensuring that the views of affected schools and pre-schools can be effectively conveyed to the Group through such representation. The funding to be provided by the consent holder under this condition shall comprise the reasonable administrative costs of the Group, together with a reasonable fee (not exceeding $50.00 each per meeting) for up to three representatives of the local community (exclusive of the Police, the Council and the consent holder) on not more than four occasions in any one year, the level of such costs and fees (not exceeding the maximum as above) to be determined by the Council in consultation with the Group
  34. The consent holder shall inform each household within the vicinity of Eden Park of forthcoming events and related arrangements. The timing, manner and extent of’ distribution of the information shall be undertaken by the consent holder as directed by the Council after consultation with the Community Liaison Group and the consent holder
  35. A telephone “Hotline” shall be installed, maintained and advertised by the consent holder for use on match days involving attendances of over 5,000 persons, for the purposes of enabling residents to contact the appropriate authorities or gain assistance. The Hotline shall operate on match days before, during and after the match for such period as is determined by the Council after consultation with the Community Liaison Group. All calls shall be recorded and a full detailed list of calls is to be provided to the Council within two working days and to the Community Liaison Group for its consideration at its next meeting. The Hotline shall be implemented in such a way that ensures all callers can make contact with event organisers without delay
  36. The consent holder shall prepare a protocol for consideration by the Community Liaison Group to deal with any complaints arising from the actions of spectators and concerns over the management of night-time sporting events. The consent holder shall implement the protocol in a form approved by the Council. In relation to persons evicted from Eden Park the consent holder shall liaise with and assist the NZ Police in devising and implementing an appropriate protocol to ensure as far as practicable that such persons do not engage in anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of the Park after eviction
  37. The consent holder shall employ security staff to be positioned in the streets surrounding Eden Park before, during and after night-time sporting events and major day-time events. Security staff shall be readily identifiable and shall have the ability to contact the security control centre in order to immediately report any disruptive behaviour. The consent holder shall liaise and cooperate with the NZ Police regarding the number of security staff to be engaged for varying events, their selection, hours of duty and deployment. The consentholder shall ensure that the engagement of all security staff is on the basis that they shall abide by any directions which they may be given by the Police
  38. All streets within the vicinity of Eden Park defined as the area between the Railway Line to the north, Dominion Road to the east, Paice Avenue/Kenneth Avenue and Sandringham Road (to Balmoral Road) to the south and Morningside Drive to the west, shall be cleaned of rubbish and litter attributable to the activities at Eden Park by contractors employed by the applicant between the hours of 8.00am and 2.00pm on the day following any major sporting or non-sporting event. The contractors are to operate under the direction of the Council and co-ordinate with Council’s contractors in order to limit any adverse effects of this operation
  39. For all night-time games the consent holder shall provide temporary toilets outside Eden Park. The numbers and location of these toilets shall be determined for each event after consultation with the Community Liaison Group and to the satisfaction of the Council. Temporary toilets shall wherever possible not be located immediately outside the frontage of private properties and shall be removed by 10.00am the following day. Toilets, whether temporary or permanent shall be located close to the on-site bus loading and unloading area
  40. In respect of night games:
    1. There shall be no sale of alcohol within carparking areas or other open areas surrounding the playing field in the Open Space 5 zone provided that the sale of alcohol to persons attending private functions in the licensed areas on the No. 2 field is permitted up to 10.00pm
    2. The consent holder shall take all practicable steps to prevent the consumption of alcohol in carparking areas after play finishes (including the imposition of conditions on parking space limits) and shall through use of security staff; or other means approved by the Council actively encourage patrons to leave the carparks as soon as practicable after play finishes
  41. No construction work shall be undertaken outside the hours of 7.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday, with the exception of internal work such as painting which may be carried out beyond those hours
  42. The delivery of material shall be limited to 7.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Saturday, provided that special over-size loads are excluded from this condition, and provided further that delivery of materials may be made outside these hours if the Sandringham Road entrance is used in accordance with relevant rules and requirements
  43. The consent holder shall pay to the Council a consent compliance monitoring charge of $80.00 (inclusive of GST), plus any further monitoring charges, based on actual or reasonable costs, for any additional work to ensure compliance. (This charge is to cover the cost of inspecting the site, carrying out tests, updating files etc, all being work to ensure compliance with the resource consent). The $80.00 (inclusive of GST) charge is to be paid as part of the resource consent fee, and the consent holder will be advised of the further monitoring charges as they fall due, and such charges are to be paid within one month of the date of the invoice
  44. The Council may review the conditions of this consent at yearly intervals from the date of the first night-time event which requires the use of lights, for a period of five years, except in the case of conditions 9, 10 and 37, as to which the period shall be ten years. The purpose of the review is to deal with adverse effects on the surrounding neighbourhood which may become apparent to the Council with regard to noise, lighting management, traffic and crowd behaviour (including behaviour by individual patrons or groups of patrons during crowd gathering or dispersal). The review will encompass those conditions relating to the above specified matters and any other appropriate conditions in order to avoid remedy or mitigate any adverse effects
  45. The consent holder shall maintain the capacity of the Park at no more than 50,000 spectators for so long as it seeks to rely upon this consent to hold night-games at the Park