Plan Change 78 – 1-year extension

Last week Minister Chris Bishop, in a speech to the property Council, announced that he has granted a 1-year extension for plan change 78.
I can announce today that I spoke with Mayor Brown on Tuesday and confirmed that his Council may have a further one-year extension for their process, to 31 March 2026.
Auckland is in a unique situation at the moment for two reasons: one is the impact that the Anniversary Weekend floods and Cyclone Gabrielle had on the city in areas that were tagged for intensification. The other is that our Government has scrapped Labour’s failed Auckland Light Rail project meaning Auckland no longer has to take theoretical future light rail stations into account for upzoning decisions, and are therefore having to do some rethinking.”

Council will now need to undertake the additional zoning work around the previous LR corridor, and alter the hearing schedules as needed.