The Auckland Unitary Plan – submissions are out - You Must Act Now!

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The Unitary Plan will be the Super City’s Planning rule for the next 20-30 years. It affects every property.

 Objections to submissions close on July 22after that it will be too late.  

What Eden Park wants:

  • 50 night games / events per year (up from 21-25),

  • 6 concerts

  • Higher noise levels / Removal of Residents Only Parking / Removal of existing consent conditions

  • Rezoning No 2 to full commercial use - Test Cricket out and The Warriors in.  and much much more....

What This Means for you:

No more peaceful weekends, more mid-week night events, more traffic with fewer controls, impossible parking for visitors or family gatherings, more outsiders wandering around the neighbourhood creating a less safe environment for you and your kids, and a negative impact on your property value.

What Can YOU do about it?

You URGENTLY need to make 2 submissions by email. 

 Below are links to an easy submisison for each key area.

You just need to click on the link, and it will open an email for you and populate a sample submission 
-- just complete name/address/email details and send  - it's that easy.


Click on:   Create Eden Park opposed submission

You can download their submission with this link:

Click on:   Create EPNA support submission

You can download our submission with this link:

This will allow you to support simngle dwelling zoning / lower heights etc - which covers your own property.


Other Submissions of concern:

Progressive Enterprises—5723   - want to allow supermarkets in residential zones /  and small local centres,  and to allow the outward expansion of centres.

Generation Zero submission 5478—increase centre heights, rezone this entire area to Mixed Housing Urban (3 Storey)

There are a number of submission seeking to increase heights/densities throughout this area